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AUGUST FALLS – trailer


In the aftermath of the tragic death of her 22-year old son, August, Anna Ellison arrives in the city where he died, alone and out of place. The police, concluding that his fatality was self-inflicted, offer little solace. Attempting to make sense of the loss of her only child she takes up in August’s old apartment. There she meets Jonas, the building’s superintendent. Though guarded at first, Jonas is able to form a tentative bond with Anna through a shared longing for connection in a world that feels strangely desolate.

Soon Anna comes to believe that August’s demise was not the suicide the jaded police maintain. Determined to know the person her son had become and to uncover the reasons for his untimely end, Anna begins an informal investigation of her own. Her questions bring her and Jonas to the dark corners of a criminal underworld, where her own life is suddenly in jeopardy. Desperate to understand the violence that claimed her son, Anna searches for a villain… but soon discovers her own guilt is preventing her from moving on.

STARRING:  Fairuza Balk

DIRECTED BY:  Sam Hancock


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