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Strath Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer

Strathford Hamilton, an Emmy and DGA nominated director of prestige films and television shows. He is well known throughout the entertainment industry as the director of the team that created the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” for Saban Entertainment, the most successful children’s show of all time. Mr. Hamilton has directed 10 feature films and several TV movies. Strathford Hamilton’s first film, “Blueberry Hill” starring Academy Award winners Carrie Snodgress and Margaret Avery, was shot in 12 days for $500,000 and sold to MGM for theatrical distribution.

Most recently Mr. Hamilton Executive Produced the films “Almost Sharkproof”, “The Bunker”, “Smitty” and “Treasure of the Black Jaguar”. He also produced and co-directed the Paris Hilton Film “National Lampoon’s Pledge This!”. Over the last 25 years, Mr. Hamilton has managed and produced films and TV shows for both the studios and independents, with combined budgets of over $100,000,000. Motion pictures and TV shows directed by Strathford Hamilton, have been honored with many awards including Directors Guild of America awards, Emmy, Humanitas and film festival awards. His reputation for creating quality, critically acclaimed motion pictures has afforded him access to the entertainment industry’s top actors, screenwriters and directors, many of whom he counts among his closest personal relationships.

Mr Hamilton is a principal in the production and distribution company TriCoast Worldwide, which distributes feature films and television shows internationally. Recent releases include “The Dead” which is one of Anchor Bay’s highest grossing films of 2012 and “Smitty” starring Academy Award winners Mira Sorvino, Lou Gossett JR and Academy Award nominee Peter Fonda. Mr. Hamilton also supervises the production slate for TriCoast Worldwide, and is one of the owners of the state-of-the-art digital post production facility, TriCoast Studios.

After receiving his Bachelors degree from the University of New South Wales in Australia, Mr. Hamilton worked as a TV and radio producer for the ABC in Australia and a record producer for Decca Records in the UK. From there he directed or produced over 200 music videos for top recording artists Prince, Queen, Earth Wind & Fire, The Clash, and others. This led to Mr. Hamilton replacing the director Lindsay Anderson on “Foreign Skies”, George Michael’s documentary of the first rock band to tour China. The documentary premiered at Wembly Stadium in London to 50,000 fans.

He settled in Los Angeles, where he became President of Production for Mediacom Industries, a public company, and subsequently co-founded TriCoast Production Partners Inc. with Ms. Marcy Levitas Hamilton. Strath Hamilton co-founded The Backyard National Children’s Film Festival, a non-profit organization, dedicated to giving children film making and story telling skills.

At TriCoast Studios, Mr. Hamilton directs the company’s creative activities and is part of the the new technology development team working with NASA. Together with Ms. Levitas Hamilton, he also oversees the financing, development, production and distribution of all motion picture and TV projects.

Marcy Levitas Hamilton

Chief Executive Officer

Marcy Levitas Hamilton formed TriCoast Production Partners in 1987 as the production arm for Mediacom Industries and in 1999, after producing several theatrical films, expanded the company to provide full production services under the banner of TriCoast Studios. Recently she Produced the feature Film “Smitty” starring Academy Award winners Mira Sorvino, Peter Fonda and Louis Gossett Jr. She also executive produced the films “Treasure of the Black Jaguar”, “The Cursed” and “April Showers”. A multi award-winning editor in New York and Los Angeles, Marcy edited for Oscar-winning producer/directors William Friedkin, Dino DeLaurentiis and James Brooks.

Marcy has recently developed proprietary technology for enhanced eBooks and has created a division in the studio called TriBooks to produce and distribute enhanced eBooks. TriBooks has been approved as an apple iTunes vendor and distributor.

Marcy is the co-inventor of pioneering film technology for which TriCoast has been awarded a US Patent: FILM LANGUAGE, a process that converts original performances from actors into various languages and synchronizes the lips to match the speech in these different languages.

Marcy also partnered with Time Warner company Leisure Arts to create and produce a line of 16 Special Interest DVDs on Craft with innovative DVD technology developed at TriCoast Studios.Currently Marcy is also co-CEO of TriCoast Worldwide, a worldwide film and television distribution company. Ms. Hamilton is currently in pre-production on the Theatrical film “Tux” for Gold Circle films. Marcy holds a BA with Honors in Media and Communications from Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Martin Wiley

Executive Producer

Martin Wiley is a production executive and producer with twenty years experience in filmed entertainment. Wiley is the Executive Producer of Lazarus Project starring Paul Walker for Sony Pictures.

He recently produced for Lions Gate the horror film Tamara written by Final Destination franchise creator Jeffrey Reddick, the horror comedy Drive Thru starring Leighton Meester also for Lions Gate and Sony Pictures’ Clive Davis thriller The Plague starring James VanDerBeek. Prior to this he produced the MGM action drama Madison starring Jim Caviezel, which was selected as a world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, the action comedy Chill Factor, with Skeet Ulrich and Cuba Gooding Jr. for Warner Brothers, the Sony thriller Never Talk to Strangers, starring Antonio Banderas and Rebecca DeMornay, which was the number one DVD title in North America and Under Siege 2 for Warner Brothers which earned box office revenues of over $100 million worldwide. As a production executive, he acquired and developed the Paramount Pictures release Varsity Blues, which occupied the top boxoffice position in the US for several weeks and other films such as Nurse Betty, American History X, The Cooler and others.

Wiley holds a BA degree from the University of Southern California and a post-graduate Certificate in Screenwriting from UCLA. He is a member of the Directors Guild of America as a Unit Production Manager and Director and in his free time teaches in the Professional Filmmaking Certificate Program at UCLA Extension.

Daisy Hamilton

Director of Business Development

Daisy Hamilton, has grown up at TriCoast Studios, and has been working at the studio for the past five years. She attends international markets including AFM and Cannes film markets, MIP and MIPcom TV markets.

A Crossroads High school and NYU Tisch school graduate (minor in producing),Daisy has also been a SAG actor and voice performer since she was eight years old. While at Tisch she also produced several short films and studied Cognitive Neuroscience as a way of understanding audience response.

Daisy’s strong business and communication skills ideally suit Business Development at TriCoast, where she brings experience as a creative and Business executive in both NYC (via the NYU alumni programs) and LA. Daisy is also a team leader for TriBooks, TriCoast Studio’s publishing division and for Film Language, the studios patented voice translation technology.

Andrew Williams

Sound Supervisor
Come work with Andrew and you will quickly see why he’s been called “the fastest  ProTools operator in the West.” He takes pride his ability to give clients the unmatched satisfaction of a perfect mix–even when facing tight deadlines. Over the past ten years, Andrew has worked on a range of feature films including The Dead (2011), Smitty (2012), and Silver Falls (2012). Recent TV highlights include projects for Discovery Channel, WE, and PlayboyTV.
A skilled musician, Andrew can also help you shape your final soundtrack. He created the original score for The Speak(2010) and is an adept music supervisor.