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    AMELIA 2.0 – trailer

    FUTURISTIC FEMALE SUSPENSE           A desperate husband, offers up his wife’s dying brain to be the first consciousness downloaded into a robotic replica. Amelia 2.0 fights political controversy, emotional turmoil, and her right to exist. STARRING:   Chris Ellis, Kate Vernon, Ed Begley …

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    LOST BIRDS – trailer

    HEARTWARMING CHILDREN’S ADVENTURE Spectacularly photographed film about two young Turkish children who return home from the fields to find their family vanished. A heartwarming Christmas story about discovering life and the journey to find their mother. STARRING:  Heros Agopyan, Takuhi Bahar DIRECTED BY: Ela Alyamac …

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  • BoyOfStonePosterReduced


    ANIMATED, FAMILY                Marina and her cousins, Tito, Tato and Tete, live in a colorful and tropical valley from the Huasteca Tamaulipeca. One day, the fair arrives to town. There they’ll find the Stone Boy who has that condition because of his …

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  • Are We Not Cats Tricoastreducedforweb

    Are We Not Cats – trailer

    A PSYCHO-DRAMA ARTHOUSE INDIE     A hairy love story, in the vein of David Cronenberg & David Lynch.

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    BLACK GOLD – trailer

    DRAMA Black Gold tells the actual events of how one desperate man, armed with only his charm and wits, takes on a racist San Francisco corporation in 1971. STARRING: Mike Colter (STARS in NETFLIX MEGAHIT “LUKE CAGE”, “THE GOODWIFE”), Emma Caulfield, Greg Cipes   DIRECTED BY: …

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