After losing his job, his girlfriend, and his apartment in a single day, a young man attempts to restart his life as a truck driver, but his plans are quickly diverted when he meets a woman who shares his strangest and most compulsive habit; a proclivity for eating hair.

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A heart-pounding plunge into the waves - and the life of the man who best captures them; daredevil photographer Clark Little built the world's largest Instagram following by capturing Hawai's gigantic "shorebreakers" like never before.

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Rosenn (Hande KODJA), a naive young girl, and Mr.Lafoly (Rupert EVERETT), an aging writer, fall in love. They elope back to France, ready to live their ‘happy-ever-after’. But as passion begins to wane and Rosenn becomes pregnant, Mr.Lafoly plans a betrayal that will change Rosenn’s life forever.

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A timid accountant tries to earn his living as a rather unsuccessful hitman, until an accidental killing of a mobster makes him a target for the vengeful mafia boss, murderous gangster, trigger-happy cops and the dead man’s psychotic wife – and if he’s not careful his own wife might catch wind of his double life too.

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K9 World Cup

Play as one; think as one; win as one. The road to glory is walked as a pack. When the Mexicanine Republic becomes the host for the World Canine Cup, coach Lapata has one last chance must put together the best team in history; but the new warriors will have to learn to put aside their differences and work as a team, to show their country that ultimate football glory is more than just a dream.

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A banker with a talent for memorizing numbers is recruited by a mobster looking to get ahead. Money changes everything and a series of betrayals turns friends into enemies and family against family in this taut crime thriller.

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An LAPD detective is forced to work for two warring crime syndicates while under an internal investigation.

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An ordinary man takes revenge only to find it’s made him the target of a major crime lord and his army of psychopaths, serial killers, and professional hitmen.

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Tap World

Tap World is an award-winning documentary staring the most cutting-edge tap dancers from across the globe. This documentary follows leaders of the art form who are shaping the community around them. Their personal stories of inspiration, struggle, and triumph are keeping this art form alive and thriving internationally.

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This female-in-jeopardy story features Beatle Boyin, a quirky loner who refuses to live by societies rules. Her business cards read “Towing/Assasination,”. Everything changes the night she meets Athena Klendon, a mysterious suicidal young woman, with a secret.

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Our goals are to acquire, develop, produce, market and distribute traditional and emerging content that is relevant and engaging to audiences across all viewing platforms.